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Uwooo… Naruto - Rated: Sasuke represents darkness and Hinata represents light. Dua tahun selepas peristiwa Perang Dunia Shinobi Keempat, bulan mula turun ke bumi. Best ranked porn sites. Queen reviews Every year Ginny reminds James to give Neville their love, especially since his divorce.

Why does an Uchiha descendant wear glasses? What will she do when she finds out that he's in love with the nerd Hinata Hyuga? After an impossible violent battle, Sasuke comes across the dying Hyuga Heiress. This thread and the other one are now closed. Sasuke dan hinata. Sasuke is a suicidal emo. Who knew the one day a stuttering, shy Hyuuga would unite with a cold-hearted, rogue Uchiha?

Tell me it is genjutsu! Or should I say, Uchiha-san? Rating may change to M at a later point. Dia siap membuang semuanya. Sasuke Uchiha Is married to Sakura haruno.

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As We Fall by Emika Fandoms: Selepas tiga hari proses pemulihan, Naruto bangun dan mendapati Sakura menjadi sangat lemah kerana menyelamatkan nyawanya.

Nope, never crossed my mind. He got a silver stud on his tongue, but then, a classmate of Hinata also had the exact same stud. Porno xxx incest. Login Stay on this Page. Yet, they stuck with each other this far Hinata can help Sasuke to be a better person and Sasuke in return can make Hinata stronger.

M - English - Romance - Chapters: The fateful duel between Sasuke and his one and only friend ended exactly as Naruto had predicted.

Naruto kemudian meluahkan perasaan cintanya kepada Hinata dan mereka berdua berciuman. Any Only Crossovers Exclude Crossovers. Sasuke dan hinata. ItaHinaSasu scalene triangle, with background noises. Also, please reduce the number of images. An Epistolary Mystery by shakespeare's sister reviews Snape, the dour Potions master, begins to receive surprising anonymous letters, and using his considerable intelligence sets about discovering their author.

They restore the Uchiha dragon clan.

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Tapi langsung dibantah sama Sakura. Sexy femdom pics. Hidden Leaf Prep School by skyblue. T - Indonesian - Humor - Chapters: All she knows is she wants to feel good again. Nope, never crossed my mind. Complete Naruto - Rated: Kalau ane lihat dari postur wajah sih mirip sama Sakura ketimbang Karin…: A Lonely Figure's Eyes See All by BunnyJones reviews Sakura loves Naruto as a brother, but when questions of why he is treated so poorly by the village comes up, Sakura realizes that maybe Naruto really did need someone to love, she decides to become matchmaker for Naruto, but who to choose? Hinata has always considered crying worse than falling, and the beauty in being able to choose. A botched up de-aging potion and Harry suffers from the results.

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